40 LBS Adjustable Kettlebells by Critical Supplies™

by CriticalSupplies.com
Save 53%

Our adjustable kettlebells are the perfect compact addition to any strength-training workout. The kettlebell plates can be easily removed to adjust the kettlebells to your weight preference. Kettlebells come with 6 weight plates that are approximately 5 pounds each and are perfectly sized to stack into the kettlebell. 

Weight Adjustments: 10 pounds without any plates

Weight Adjustments with Plates: 15 , 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 LBS

Our kettlebells are durable and can withstand any workout, including curls, rows, swings, presses, tricep extensions, squats, and more. Make the most of your workout and your space with our dynamic adjustable kettlebells today!  


  1. Safety lock for free movements
  2. 6 cast iron plates
  3. Ergonomically-designed handle for durability and comfort
  4. Flat base
  5. Mechanism to easily adjust weights
  6. Perfect workout for all levels of fitness


***All 40 LB Kettlebells are IN STOCK and Ship From Los Angeles, CA***


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