Adjustable Dumbbells by Critical Supplies™

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There is a dramatic shift in people who now prefer to work out in the comfort and security of home! The Adjustable Dumbbell by Critical Supplies™ is the ultimate space-saving solution for flexible strength training. 

Simply adjust the dial (or knob for the 25 LB model) and add the resistance of your choice from 5 LBS all the way to 25 LBS of optional weight! No need to take up space. No more fidgeting with multiple sets of dumbbells to get the results you want. No more worrying about the space requirements for a traditional dumbbell set.

Specs: Weight Range: 5 LBS to 25 LBS per dumbbell

25 LB Model: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 LBS

Dimensions: 25 LB Model: 13.5 in. X 7.5 in. X 6 in.

***All 25 Dumbbells are IN STOCK and Ship From New York, NY***

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