Cherry Bomb | 3-Layer High-Efficiency Protective Mask for Young Adults


Reusable, fashionable, and washable high-efficiency protective mask.

High-Efficiency Filtration.

The Solace Mask collection from Critical Supplies are lab-tested with bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) greater than 99% and can filter more than 96% of particles that are larger than 10mm.

Triple Layer Protection.

Solace masks have a cotton inner layer, melt-blown fabric middle layer for filtration, and a cotton outer layer that restricts pollutants. The cotton fabric used can provide a comfortable protective layer ensuring protection from dust, pollen, small particles present on air and so much more.

Durable Design.

Solace masks can be washed, either by hand or machine, in normal or warm water for 60 times.

Comfort at the Forefront.

Masks have a contour fit around the face with a soft cotton inner layer with breathing room. These masks are also equipped with earloop adjusters that ensure a proper fit. With these, wearers can freely adjust the length to suit their needs. The masks are soft, easy, and comfortable to wear. 

Fully Customizable.

Masks come in unisex black and stylish design but can be customized for wholesale orders. Simply email us with your color preference and logo to customize the mask. Solace masks are a good choice for companies looking to offer protection to both customers and employees. They protect the wearer comfortably and can market your brand.

Wide Application.

Solace masks are ideal for both men and women. Aside from daily use, these are also suitable for cycling, climbing, and traveling, protecting you from fog, pathogens, and vehicle exhaust.

Made from the finest textiles in India by a US company.

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