One Gallon of Gel Hand Sanitizer - Lemon Scented (128 FL. OZ)

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One Gallon of Gel Hand Sanitizer- Lemon Scented (128 FL. OZ)

Hand sanitizers made especially for first responders are now available for commercial and consumer use.

CDC and FDA Compliant.

The 80% Gel Hand Sanitizer is well within the CDC, WHO, and FDA recommendation of 60 to 95 percent alcohol in Alcohol-Based Hand Rub (AHRB) in healthcare settings.

Made with Ethyl Alcohol.

Following WHO's recommended reagents for AHRB Formulation 1, the Gel Hand Sanitizer is made with 96% Ethyl Alcohol, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, 98% Glycerol, and sterile distilled or boiled cold water. Glycerine for an odorless moisturizing effect.

Glycerine is a humectant that can help moisturize and smoothen the skin.

 This Gel Hand Sanitizer will not only protect you from bacteria and viruses but will also help prevent dry skin and possible irritation.

California Prop 65 Compliant.

The Hand Gel Sanitizer includes all chemicals used in manufacturing in its product label.

Made in the USA.

Proudly manufactured in and shipped from the United States of America.


For external use only. Flammable. Keep away from children.

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